Advertise With Us


Own or operate a business? Have your digital advertisement shown on one or both of our monitors inside the playground. 


Digital Screen - Infant Room

This digital screen is located inside the playground, in our infant room. Most families will enter this room to store bags in our cubbies or to pick up a complementary cup of coffee. There are two recliners in this room that also allow for extended viewing when guests are relaxing in this room.

This screen plays image-based advertisements.


Digital Screen - Main Play Area

This digital screen is located in the main play area, between the bathrooms. It can be seen from a majority of the locations throughout the playground.

This screen plays both images and video-based advertisements.



Both screens are in operation 7 days a week, during all open hours and during birthday parties and special events. Reach hundreds of families each month with an advertising program that appeals to families. Please contact us for our advertising sheet, statistics and ad requirements. 



1-screen:      $30/month

2-screens:    $50/month (images only)

2-screens:    $100/month (video and image)

One-time set-up fee:  $30

Image ad creation (up to 3 images):  $100


Ready To Advertise?

If you're ready to advertise with us, please click the button below to begin the process.

  • You'll receive a copy of our advertising terms and conditions, which you'll sign and return.
  • An invoice will be sent for payment of any one-time fees and first month's advertising fee.
  • You'll send us your ad, files, and/or any artwork needed to create your ad.
  • We'll contact you once your ad is live on our screens!