Baby Showers


Baby showers are a great fit at Princesses and Princes. We can outfit the playground with several tables and chairs, creating a warm and welcoming environment for guests. With some of our toys and playset available, those guests bringing children will enjoy the fact that there are child-friendly activities for their little ones, giving them the ability to focus on the event at hand!

Near our playset, we can set up a catering area to serve food and drinks. Our muti-purpose room can be decorated with a backdrop, treat table and additional seating for adults or children.

Our venue is best suited for a smaller, more intimate affair, with around 30-40 adults and 10-15 children. Contact us for more information regarding baby shower pricing.



For a basic baby shower without a playground reconfiguration, we have several existing tables and chairs that can be used for the event. Depending on the options chosen and the time allotted, we can also outfit the playground with additional tables and seating and move some of the existing toys to create additional space.

Orlando Baby Shower Venue


The Castle of Everdream can serve as a backdrop for a sweets table, creating a one-of-a-kind display for decadent desserts! If chosen as an option and time allows, additional seating for guests can be positioned on either sides of the castle, with ample room for guests to move about comfortably.

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Multi-Purpose Room

Our multi-purpose room can be decorated with a backdrop, balloons, treat table and more. And our large party looks great with linen table covers and themed centerpieces. It seats 12 adults comfortably. 

baby shower venues in orlando fl

Service Area

The area near our playset can serve as the food service area. Children still have access to the playset without restriction. 

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Interested in booking a baby shower or private event at the playground? Contact us to discuss pricing, availability and to make a reservation.