Enrichment Classes

Several different enrichment classes are available at Princesses and Princes. Music Together, Mini Movers and Los Pollitos Dicen are semester-based toddler enrichment classes, while STEM / Sensory and Arts and Crafts are weekly events taught by our staff.


Music Together® by Seminole County Music Together

Our Music Together® class is taught by Marla Stevenson at Seminole County Music Together. Music Together® is a research-based, developmentally appropriate, early childhood music curriculum. During a Music Together class, families share songs, play instruments, and engage in rhythm and movement activities.

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Los Pollitos Dicen by All Kids Spanish

Our Spanish program is taught by AllKidspanish. It is founded on simple sentence structure & vocabulary, repetition, intonation & sounds through a nurturing and immersive experience in an environment conducive to learning.

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STEM / Sensory Classes by Princesses and Princes

Our STEM / Sensory Classes are taught by Miss Suzy, Miss Stephanie and Miss Paula. STEM classes promote behaviors that demonstrate and facilitate a sensory activity. These activities reward exploration and naturally encourages children to use scientific processes while they play, create, investigate and explore.

toddler classes orlando florida

Arts and Crafts by Princesses and Princes

Our weekly Arts and Crafts activities are taught by Miss Maria, Miss Fabi, and Miss Paula. Activities vary from week to week and are usually themed, based on the time of year or relevant seasonal time period.