Our Story


The idea for Princesses and Princes started as casual conversations during the winter of 2015, as we sought recreational places to take our 3 young children. We had been discussing various options for many months prior. Mason was 3 at this time, and the twins were 2.

Near our home, there were not many conveniently located playgrounds that offered what we were looking for. We’d have to travel 45 minutes to visit various businesses in the area, which we felt was too far to visit frequently. We were also drawn to play environments that fostered learning, education and child development, as this was important to use for our own kids. Our own children and the desire for a clean, fun and educational playground near our home started the journey that we are on today. 

Our kids became the inspiration and the characters for the brand - this was an easy decision as they were obsessed with princesses and princes. We also "put them to work", having them test various toys and equipment (i.e. the interactive floor), which was set up in the house to fine tune before installing it in the playground. During the time that the website, graphic work, mobile application and buildout were being accomplished, we spoke very little about our plans to others. By early 2017, we knew that the playground would become reality and set forward a plan to bring Princesses and Princes to market.

After a few bumps along the way, we opened the facility on Oct 9th, 2017.