Party Add-Ons


We take great pride at providing families with fun, beautiful, and unforgettable birthday parties, creating lasting memories for years to come. We also host amazing baby showers, playdates, holiday parties, and private events. Choose from our full-service, fully decorated and add-on services to our fully hosted party packages. Choose the options that are best suited for you!

Character Gallery

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Character Add-Ons

Character performers make an awesome party even better! Click HERE to see some of the characters we’ve had visit Everdream!

Treats Gallery

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Treat Add-Ons

Spice up your party with some themed treats! Click HERE to view some of the awesome treat add-ons that we offer!

Food Gallery

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Food Options

We can truly make your party an easy, stress-free affair by coordinating food and drink requirements for your event! Click HERE to learn more!

Banner Gallery

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Custom Name Banner

Add a themed, custom name banner to your birthday party package! We’ll create a banner that can hang on the ceiling, attach to a tulle, or be used as a part of the wall covering add-on. We can also ship custom orders for a separate fee.

Click HERE to see some of the name banner examples we’ve accomplished in the past.

Bows Gallery

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Themed Bows

Add a Chachabeans-designed themed hairbow or headband to your party package and stand out from the crowd! Click HERE to see some bows to inspire your custom design!

Shirts Gallery

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Custom Tee-Shirts

Let our design team create a set of custom-themed and personalized shirts to compliment any event! Click HERE to view some custom tee shirt examples!

Photography Gallery

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Professional Photography

Professional photography can be added to any party package. Let the pros capture the event while you sit back and enjoy the event. Click HERE to view some of the images captured during previous events!

Mini Horse Gallery

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Mini Horse or “Unicorn” Visit

Add a real mini-horse to your event! Kiddos will have the opportunity to touch a real animal during the event, take pictures, and take turns walking the horse! Click HERE to view some of the images captured during previous events!

Pricing and Terms

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Add-On Price List and Terms

All of the available add-ons are available HERE, as well as a summary of general party terms and conditions.