Additional Items


Semi Combo

Semi-private weekend party, decorations, one pizza, ten drinks, bubbles and lights

$349 for 10 kids


Private Combo

Private weekend party, decorations, two pizzas, fifteen drinks, bubbles and lights.

$469 for 15 kids



  • Catering - Call

  • Themed Decorations (Main) - $ 49.99

    • On-hand theme as shown on themes page.

    • Includes a themed backdrop, themed cake table decorations, themed main table decorations, and 10 helium balloons to your party

    • 15 themed plates and napkins, main table tablecloth and two (2) themed table covers are included.

  • Helium Balloons (10) - $19.99

    • Ten (10) additional helium balloons.

  • Character Reservation

    • $159.99 for 1 hour

    • $109.99 for 30 minutes (Mascot character only)

  • Face Painting - $74.99 for 1 hour

  • Photographer - $199.99 for 2 hours

  • Additional children - $15/child

  • Additional adult - $6/adult

  • Large (14") Pizza - $13.99

  • Large 1-Topping Pizza - $15.99

  • Large Veggie Pizza - $16.99

    • Onion, Green Peppers, Mushroom

  • Extra 1/2 hour (if available) - $74.99

  • Extra hour (if available) - $119.99

  • Kids Food and Drink Package - $29.99

    • Two (2) large pizzas

    • Fifteen (15) Honest Kids apple juices or bottled water for each child

  • Treats

    • Themed Cupcakes (15) - $49.99

    • Themed Cake Pops (15) - $49.99

    • Themed Oreos (15) - $39.99

    • Themed Pretzels (15) - $29.99

    • Popcorn Bar (1 Themed Dispenser) - $59.99

    • Popcorn Mini-Treat Bags (Themed) - $6/bag

  • Coffee Service - $19.99

    • includes cream, sugar, cups, etc.

  • Bottled Water - $9.99

    • Water service for adults

  • Disco Lights and Bubbles - $24.99 / 20-minutes

  • Custom Tee-Shirt Packages:

    • Customized tee-shirts available for the birthday child and/or family members.

  • Additional Staff - $74.99

    • Required for:

      • parties with 20 or more children, or

      • parties with 30 or more adults

Terms and Conditions

  • The full Princesses and Princes Party Terms and Conditions will be sent once the party booking process has begun. Reservations are not confirmed until the party terms are returned.

  • Party deposits and payments are non-refundable. By paying a deposit, you agree to Princesses and Princes Terms and Conditions.

  • Party must be paid in full at least 7 days prior to the event date.

  • Add-on services require full payment at the time of reservation.

  • Final child and adult count must be delivered 14 days prior to the event.

    • Child count includes children from 7 months to 15 years of age.

    • 16 years and above are included in the adult count.

  • Parties with 20 or more children or 30 or more adults require an additional staff member, at a cost of $74.99.

    • Based on the final child and adult count delivered 14 days prior to the event.

  • Parties cannot exceed 25 children.

  • Parties or events that exceed their allotted time will be charged $100 every 10 minutes in excess of the scheduled end time.

  • A gratuity/service charge of 10% will be added to the following parties and events (based on the total balance):

    • Parties above 15 children or 30 adults

    • Parties greater than 2 hours

    • Catered parties or events

    • Custom parties or events

  • All children attendees must be accompanied and supervised by a parent, or guardian for the entire duration of the party.

  • Children attendees must have a Princesses and Princes Waiver on file, completed by a parent or guardian.

  • 30 days notice is required to reschedule a party or event.

  • All persons require socks to enter the playground. Children require grip socks. Hosts can bring socks or arrange to pay for socks for guests, otherwise, guests will be required to purchase socks if they arrive without them.

  • Children older than 6 are permitted to attend parties and events. Hosts, parents, and guardians remain responsible for their behavior and to ensure they do not damage facility equipment.

  • Outside food is permitted, with approval. Nuts and/or nut products are prohibited. An additional staff member may be required depending on the quantity of items being brought into the facility.

  • We do not have an oven or stove and cannot re-heat food items brought to the playground. Flameless Sternos are permitted to keep food warm.

  • We have limited refrigerated storage space and cannot accommodate oversize items that require refrigeration. Please bring these items on the day of the event to be served upon arrival.

  • There is an outside vendor fee of $20 for any vendor used that is approved by but not secured through us.

  • There is a party planner fee of $50 for any outside party planner used that is approved by us.